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Walking 50 miles takes commitment and training. You will take about 100,000 individual steps during the Challenge Walk. Although the Challenge Walk is for people of all abilities, you do need to prepare your body physically and mentally. By conditioning your body before the Walk, you will have more fun and be less likely to experience injuries and pain.

Safety is our number one priority. We need safety to be your number one priority too.

Training and safety aren’t just about wearing the right shoes, paying attention to traffic, and knowing the rules of the road. Those are very important measures, but long-distance walking training and safety involves much more and will help ensure that your Challenge Walk MS: Georgia 2015 experience is safe and enjoyable. Training and safety include crucial preparation and knowledge including: nutrition, hydration, conditioning and road etiquette, just to name a few.

We will provide you with a training schedule, tips and resources once registered! Are you hosting a local training walk? Please let us know!

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Are you hosting a local training walk?

Let us know!


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