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Challenge Walk MS event sponsors are visible, recognized and celebrated for their partnership and commitment to achieving a world free of multiple sclerosis. As a sponsor, you show support for your community, are a good neighbor and join the National MS Society in its relentless fight against multiple sclerosis. Sponsorships help offset the cost of our events so more dollars raised by participants can go directly to help those with MS and to help find a cure. Connecting with Challenge Walk MS & the National MS Society has many benefits! For more information, please contact ChallengeMS@nmss  .org

Based on your sponsorship level, your company can benefit from a wide range of marketing exposure.  Cash sponsorships range from $1,000 to $2500 and in-kind product and service donations also allow us to keep event costs low.

In exchange for your sponsorship, we will provide your organization with exciting marketing benefits that may include:


·         84% of adults believe that cause marketing creates a positive company image.

·         78% would be more likely to buy a product associated with a cause they care about.

·         66% would switch brands and 62% would switch retailers to support a cause they care about.

·         54% would pay more for a product that supports a cause they care about.

~Cone Roper Benchmark Study on Cause Related Marketing

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